About Us

Revere English Solutions staff has a rich history in the realm of ESL teaching and coaching. Over the years weve prepared student language wise, and witnessed time and time again students struggle with their agency to find a fitting school abroad or struggle with the price and weve found a solution for those problems.

Our goal is to help educate our clients to make educated decisions in selecting a university and an agency right for them. We provide high quality news articles depicting life abroad, allowing Chinese clients a glimpse into the world of an abroad university. In addition these articles we also provide writing services that helps students: organize, craft, draft and finalize their personal statement and CV’s to better reflect a strong western document. Last but not least, we don’t and won’t send you abroad however over the years weve developed a strong partnership with a number of agencies in the US and UK. Well help you pick the one that is right for you, assist you with your PS, CV, and RL and give you a free subscription to IELTS test online (90 day IELTS coaching program). With all these services at your disposal, youll be abroad in no time!