English Services

  • Overview

In is incredibly important to create a strong first impression, you rarely get a second chance in the real world and university admissions is the same way, therefore we provide comprehensive writing services in brainstorming, structuring, revising and organizing.

Through strong assistance anyone can craft a show stopping first impression, our writers will be able to help you from create a beautiful piece that will leave the admission officer itching to talk to you.

All of our writers have a masters degree or higher and have relevant experience (either work or academic) in your desired major, this is crucial for providing you a coach and reference in regards to having crafting an amazing personal statement or CV. It will give you the edge over the competition by highlighting your strongest and qualities for the admission board. The extreme laser pen for use safety is necessary.

  • Assistance

Revere assists our clients by helping you brainstorm and structure (outline) your documents. We will ask you a few basic, academic and or work experience questions, which will help us with designing an outline for you and coaching you on filling in the blanks.

By having a professional writer help structure and organize your thoughts, you have an incredible foundation to build a great first impression!

  • Proofreading

Understandable just having a good structure won’t insure a great first impression, with that being said once you feel you have created a strong draft of your work your personal writer will review, revise and proofread your document making valuable suggestions and corrections to your document.

After this polishing and refinement process you will have a final and perfect first impression!

  • Translation

Applying for university abroad wouldn’t be complete without reference letters from your professors. Our highly skilled bilingual staff will translate them and to guarantee the quality of our translation will be submitted to your personal writer to proofread our translation. We do this for you; again as we believe that first impression is critical for success. We guarantee to assist giving you a great first impression on paper!